This event was just what a debate should be, with both sides arguing for their position rationally and vigorously but also with courtesy and respect. I don’t suppose that anyone change their mind in any fundamental way, but I hope we achieved what the organisers aimed for, that we should come to understand better the views of those with whom we disagree, and also understand our own views better. It was good to have a large audience of over 200, and there was plenty of participation from members of the audience. The event was very efficiently organised, and chaired with patience and skill by the two Chairs, even when some of the participants from the audience were reluctant to stop speaking.

Speakers that participated at the Great Debate:

Professor Robert Gleave (Exeter University)

Professor Oliver Scharbrodt (Chester University)

Professor Ken Gemes (Birkbeck)

Professor Stephen Wright (Birkbeck)

Professor Hugh Goodacre (UCL)